Marginal Operations! Chapter 24 Released!


Chapter 24

The plan is finally put into action, and the kids are once again in battle. What or who will our crew find this time?! Find out now!


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It is of great regret to inform you that we’ll have to drop this manga, as it is licensed in English.
Though LOLScans is no longer able to continue the journey, we look forward to the licensed releases, and wish to say a huge thanks to all of our wonderful readers and their continuous support. It wasn’t easy trying to push out this series with the lack of staff at the time, but we’ll now bring you more chapters in the future from our other projects! So please look forward to it!

We also wish to congratulate the author in this wonderful series, it has been a blast. Get it, blast? Anyway, a thousand roses, and a colossal congratulation! Yuri Shibamura, thank you for the thrilling story, and I look forward to the latest releases!



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