About Us

1) What is LOLScans, Who are LOLScans?
LOLScans is a group of volunteers who likes to have fun and release HQ projects. LOLScans doesn’t mean “League of Legends Scans” (please… just don’t…) LOLScans means: Laugh Out Loud Scans. As for the reason why we chose “LOL” as a name of our scanlation group is because me (Marzia) and Josser (the culprit of making me start this group) loves to use the acronym “lol” and as we were thinking about making this group we did nothing but laugh with crazy ideas we’ve come up. LOLScans started back in October 2012, but because of real life (medical) issues, we had to put it on hold that we ended up going for a long 2 years hiatus… eventually, as things have started to work out, we have decided to run the group once again!

2) What kind of projects do you guys scanlate?
We work on pretty much anything as long as there’s a good plot. Most of our projects right now are shounen, seinen and shoujo. Genres are mostly in supernatural, mystery, horror, comedy, adventure and mature (not so much on the ecchi side.) We, however, decided not to work on Hentai projects, for reasons such as having a bunch of minor staff members. If you wish to make request, we will definitely consider it as long as:

  • The project doesn’t have a scanlator.
  • Not licensed in English.
  • The project has been dropped by the scanlation group.
  • The project has never been updated for more than 3 months.

3) Where do I go to download your releases?
Through this link: Ongoing and Dropped Project Forum

4) Can I host the chapter(s) I downloaded?
. We’re very sorry to tell you this but NO YOU CAN’T! We have our own reader, so we really don’t need to host our releases anywhere else.

5) Can we do a joint?
Of course! Just send an e-mail at [email protected] or in our Project Request Forum.

6) Is it possible to translate your project so-and-so to xx language?
Yes, you can retranslate our projects to the language you wish to translate it to, given that you make a request in the Retranslation Request Forum and that you will credit our group and include our homepage url into your releases.

7) Why are you guys releasing so slow?! Can’t you release faster??? There’s more than 20+ Chapters out for the raws!!!
Never EVER say anything like that to us. IF you wish to read high quality and accurate releases you better be patient. We are a volunteer group and we have real life to tend to. Sorry, but we’re not really sorry, we will only release whenever and as much as we can and as regular as it can be as soon as a chapter is deemed ready for release. #RESPECT

8) How can I help you? I’m a newbie, but I’d like to help in someway as a thanks for releasing my favourite projects.
There are 2 ways to help us out.

  • By giving donations (yes, we need donation for our server and for our raws… so far it has been the admins that are shouldering everything with our own real life extra saved up money, because we love you all.)
  • We accept APPRENTICE! All the admins are willing to teach and guide you in the position you wish to try and work with.

So don’t be afraid to apply! You’ll be able to read all of our projects before its release if you’re part of our staff~ (come over to the darkside, it’s really fun here)

9) Who/How can I contact you for a problem/suggestion/comment/general whatever?
We have a Feedback section in the forum, feel free to post there. But you could always send us a message through our email [email protected]